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I'm JoAnne Haugen, AG® (Accredited Genealogist). I'm a Professional Genealogist with years of experience and professional accreditation. I will conduct exhaustive searches to meet your needs with integrity, skill, and persistence.


Let me help you solve the puzzle of difficult genealogical problems or get started on your family tree.


Client Testimonials:


"Received the FedEx package today.  I am totally awestruck about all the information you were able to obtain.  This totally makes my life complete now.  Please accept my undying gratitude for all the work you have done for me.  I have no right words to adequately express my thanks." -  John Carder


"I am in such awe.  Why can't you exist in all the locations I need the necessary research?  I am serious when I say I have never had such success from a genealogist.  You have given me and my family such a treat!  You are so worth every penny!  My head is still spinning." -  Charles Schartz